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About Us!!

Belinda Cleopatra

Hello! My name's Belinda but I answer to Bee, Belle, Bella and apparently Brenda too (according to one of our author friends), I positively refuse to divulge my age...the official answer is 21.
I've been devouring books and stories for as long as I can remember...literally!
One of my earliest memories is of my mother telling me a story about a beautiful Fairy called Esmerelda, she lived at the bottom of my garden and her job was to keep us all safe #IBelieveInFairies! 
I credit my mother for a lot of things, including my love of literature. She taught me that if you could read then this world could be escaped! And that you could be transported to a magical land of fairies, friendly Giants and little boys who can save the world! 
My mother gave me the keys to my own secret garden and I have played there as often as I could ever since...ok granted the scenery had changed somewhat since then... #RobertSimmons...but the basic thesis is the same.
Reading, for me, is like meditation or yoga. It takes me somewhere where all of the everyday stress and strife just can't reach me. It helps me believe again. Believe in love. Believe in happily every after. Believe in karma, and ultimately to just believe that if you have hope...then anything is possible. 
So the reason i read is simple...it feeds my soul and for that, I thank you all.

Lily Maverick

Hey! So I'm really 21 unlike some... and I'm the younger sister! I absolutely adore reading and have since an early age, the first book I can remember reading is an obvious children's favourite The Very Hungry Caterpillar but the first paperback I can remember reading was actually The Hobbit. I've always had a book on the go since I can remember, sometimes even more than 1! I don't have a favourite genre, I read everything from NA all the way to Crime! When I got a Kindle for my 18th Birthday I was introduced to the world of eBooks, indie authors etc.. and yes like many others I did get on the Fifty Shades of Grey wagon to see what the fuss was about after so many people were raving about Mr. Grey and his Red Room and thus another genre was added to the seemingly never ending list! Since more and more people are now using social media I have found so many more authors, books and genres that I enjoy and my TBR list is honestly ridiculously long LOL. We all have our favourite Book bfs and my list is a veryyyyy long one since I claim them before Belinda ;) but my number 1 will always be Remington 'Riptide' Tate! I'm brutally honest and so when I review a book I do give a fair opinion but I'm always constructive if I'm criticising :) 

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