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KA Hobbs Interview & Connected Series Extra!!!!

We have a real treat for you guys today! Not only do we have an exclusive extra for you we also have an author AND character interview for you! Hope you guys like it as much as we do!


a Connected Series extra featuring Doug & Abigail


 I have been sitting in this chair for the last hour, looking out of the huge windows facing Ground Zero. The many people walking around on the street below looking tiny, the cars in the distance queuing to leave the city. The only sound was the hum of the air conditioning and the frequent sound of the lift climbing up and down the fifty-two floors of the hotel.   

 I needed some air, sitting cooped up in my hotel room was doing nothing for the feeling of dread in my stomach. I grab my phone, some money, coat and my hotel key and head out of my room. Waiting for the lift, I look at my phone screen for what feels like the thousandth time today. Waking the screen up, just to look at Sophies beautiful face. Sophie. Part of the reason of dread in my stomach.

 I dont lie. Its not something I like being done to me, so I dont do it to others. Except, I have been lying to Sophie these last few weeks. Was it lying if she hadnt asked? Or was it just not telling her the whole truth? Anyway, whatever the fuck it was, it was wrong. But I wasnt in the right place to explain what was going on right now, I wasnt even sure what exactly was going on right now.

 Stepping out into the cool New York air, the door man hails me a taxi and I thank him, handing him $5. I tell the taxi driver I want to go to Central Park and which entrance I want and sit back, watching New York whizz past me. What feels like an hour later, we arrive. I slip him a bunch of notes, not paying attention to how much over the fair price I gave him and exit the taxi.

 As I make my way into the park, Im stopped by people asking if I want a bike tour of the park, no thank you. Im polite but move on quickly. Keeping my head down, I keep walking. I reach the famous Bethesda fountain and really open my eyes for the first time. It is beautiful. There are people walking around, posing for photos, there is a man playing a harp and a woman who appears to be doing some kind of ballet. The air is chilly but it doesnt seem to stop people sitting out.

 I continue walking around till I find a part of the bench that is free. I take a seat, turning my face to the sun that has just broken through the clouds. As I sit, watching, I spot a woman walking in front of me, she is wearing a deep purple coat and she is smiling as she talks into her phone. Her dark brown hair bounces around her, shining in the sunlight. For a second, I think its Sophie. Then I remember Im in New York and Sophie is in London. I reach into my pocket and pull out my phone, I open up my photos and scroll through until I find the photo I want.

 The photo is one of Sophie and I. It was taken a few weeks ago, we are out with Miley and Jonny in the park. It had been a cold day, but after a busy week, we all wanted some air and a chance to stretch our legs. Sophie in standing in front of me, looking up into my face, her long beautiful hair is hanging at an angle down her right side. She is wearing her deep purple coat. Miley had taken the photo for me, there are a series of them, some of us looking into the camera, but this one is my favourite.

 As I sit looking at my phone, it buzzes, alerting me to a call. Swiping my hand along the bottom of the screen to answer, I hold the phone to my ear.


Hello, Doug. Its Jane.

Hello, Jane, how are you?

Im good. I am phoning to double check tomorrow is still on? Abs is really looking forward to meeting you.

Yes. I will be at yours about eight-thirty if thats okay? If its still okay to come for breakfast?
Breakfast is great. She loves breakfast, Ill make her favourite.Jane laughs down the phone.

Eighty-thirty it is then.I smile.

I want you to know, the whole day is free, we can play it by ear, but youre welcome to spend as much time as youd like with your daughter.

Thank voice is hoarse and almost a whisper.

Everything will work out, Doug. Youll see what I mean about Abigail being the most incredible little girl youll ever meet soon enough.

Im sure I will. Thank you, Jane. For everything.

Ill see you tomorrow then, Doug.

Bye, Jane.

 Hanging up the phone, Sophies face fills me screen again and my stomach sinks. Tomorrow I would spend the day with my daughter and Sophie had no idea. I was a fucking arsehole.


 I havent slept a wink all night, instead, I sat up in bed, with the curtains open watching the lights of the city. Everything seemed so far away right now. The comfort of everything I knew lost to me. In an hours time, I would be heading over to meet my daughter for the first time. How did this happen? This is the kind of thing you read about or watch in movies, it doesnt happen in real life. Except it does. And it was happening to me.

 I head for a shower, taking comfort in the heat of the water on my aching muscles. Stress was a motherfucker and I was consumed by stress right now. Id only been away from Sophie for three days, but it felt like three years. Each hour spent away from her was torture, yet I knew she couldnt be with me, not right now at least. I finished my shower and got dressed. I headed down to the front of the hotel and waited while the doorman got me a taxi.

 The drive to where they lived didnt take too long and soon, I was paying the driver and walking up the path to their front door. With a shaking hand I rang the bell and waited. I can hear movement from behind the door and then I hear her. My daughter. Calling out to her Nana to open the door because her daddy was here. My heart rate picks up, my hands start to tingle and my knees feel like they are going to buckle from beneath me. Right when I think, if I dont sit down soon, I wont have a choice but to fall, the door is opened and there she is.

 My daughter.

 She is beautiful. She has dark hair, my hair and the bluest eyes Ive ever seen. They are my eyes too. She is sitting in the arms of, who I assume is Jane, and smiling right at me. Her eyes big and looking me over, trying to see everything at once. I dont have a chance to gather my thoughts before she leans over the threshold of the door, her hands held out in front of her and towards me.

Hello, daddy.she grins, making it clear she wants me to hold her.

 I step forward, reaching for my daughter and taking her into my arms for the first time. A wave of emotion so strong it causes me to stumble back hits me. My throat feels tight and I cant seem to see anything through the tears that are clogging up my eyes.

Hello, Abigail.I choke, right there on the step.

Its lovely to finally meet you, Doug. Im Jane.

 While Abigail gets herself comfortable in my arms, I hold out one hand and shake Janes. I was floating, I was sure of it. It was like an out of body experience. I have my daughter in my arms, a daughter I didnt know existed until a few weeks ago, yet she was clinging to me like she has always known me.

Its lovely to meet you too.I manage.

 Jane looks at me with wise eyes, eyes that tell me she understands just what this moment is to me. Eyes that say it should have happened the day she was born, but she is here now, make the most of it. I lift my hand and rest it on the back of Abigails head. Her little hand comes up and rests on my cheek, her small thumb moving back and forth over the little bit of stubble I have there.

Its spicy!she laughs, tickling me.

Spicy?I ask confused.

Spiky, she means, spiky,Jane laughs from just inside the door, Come on in, we have pancakes to eat.

Daddy, do you like pancakes?Abigail asks, wrapping both of her arms around me and pulling me closer to her.

I do.I cant seem to speak any more.

 My whole body is flooded with love and emotion for this little girl, for my little girl. The little girl, who is currently snuggling into me like Im her security, like Im the one person in the whole world who will be able to protect her from anything. I was damn well going to try.

Nana makes the best pancakes!she tells me excitedly.

I cant wait to try them.I grin, a grin so wide, I can feel it stretching my whole face.

 I follow Jane into the kitchen and stop when I see a man standing by the cooker. I guessed this was Ian. I was nervous to meet him, I wasnt sure what Lauren had told them about me. I had been a very different person then, I was in the middle of grieving for my parents, even though I didnt realise it. I used women to numb that pain, I sought out the one thing I knew would stop me feeling anything but good. I was ashamed how I had treated their daughter, how I must have made her feel.

Hello Doug, Im Ian.the big man holds out his hand to me and we shake.

Its great to meet you.I tell him, truthfully.

And you, coffee?

 And just like that, Im welcomed into their home, into their lives and into their family. They were my daughters family and so in turn they were mine. We sit eating the most delicious pancakes Ive ever tasted and talking about silly things that Abigail wants to talk about. I hang on every words she says, I soak up every little giggle. I watch intently as she uses her knife to cut her pancakes, her little tongue poking out from between her teeth. I open my mouth and take the little piece of pancake she cuts for me and relish it, because its the first thing my daughter has ever given me. Half way through what I think is her tenth pancake, I have no idea where she puts it, Abigail climbs out of her seat, that was practically on top of mine, and into my lap. Taking my hand, her blue eyes look at me, shining with tears and love.


Yes, Abigail?It still seemed so strange to be called daddy. Would I ever get used to it?

My mommy is with the Angels now, I think the Angels sent me my daddy to look after me. I always wanted a daddy. Im gonna love you forever.

 My eyes search my daughters face, so innocent, so beautiful. The most amazing little girl with the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known. Taking everything in her stride and holding on to me so tight. So welcoming and ready to be a part of my life, I was desperate to have her a part of mine too.

Im going to love and protect you always, I promise you,I tell her, bringing her little hand up to my lips and pressing a kiss to the back of her hand, Ill always love you, Abigail and Ill always make everything okay. Im so sorry I havent been here before.

 I was sure sure she wouldnt understand what I was trying to tell her, but I needed to say it. I needed to apologise for not being the man her mother needed me to be when we found out she was coming. I needed to let her know that I was a much better person now than I was then. That I had grown up and that back in England, there was a woman who I loved with my whole heart and soul that would welcome her too. That one day, we would be a family. I hoped with everything I was that we would anyway.

I got you here now.she smiles.

You do. Forever.

And ever.she grins, leaning in to kiss my lips sweetly with a big pout like only children do.

I love you.I whisper as I hold her little body to mine.

I love you too, daddy.she whispers back.


KA Hobbs Interview

Which book did you have the most fun writing and which was the hardest to write? 

I think I had the most fun writing Unexpected actually. Harry doesn’t filter anything he says, and there were times I sat there going, “No, I’m not writing that!” I always did of course. He can be very persuasive can my Harry. 

The hardest was most definitely Broken. There were times I enjoyed writing it, but there were so many days I would just be sitting there, sobbing at my laptop. The really strange thing though, is that to date, it is the book I am most proud of. 

How long did you have the idea for Doubt in your head before you started writing? 

Literally no time at all. It came to me in a scene, one of the most important scenes in Doubt, and I was so curious, I just had to know what happened to these two people. I’m so glad I decided to watch Dracula that day or who knows if Doug and Sophie would ever have decided to tell me their story. 

Are there certain things you need around you when you’re writing? 

There are a few things. I cannot write unless I have music. You know when you hear authors say, their characters talk to them, well mine do. All the time. And they will tell me what song I should be listening to while I write that scene.  

I need coffee generally, although sometimes it’s tea. I need water. Lots of cold water. And lip balm, because my lips get sore as I’m always biting them while I write.

What was your favourite book as a child?

It was The Magic Faraway Tree. I have lost count of the amount of times I’ve read it. I love it and still have it on my bookshelves now.

Were you a book nerd when you were at school?

I have always read, so if that means I was a nerd, then yes, I guess I was ;)

Is there a particular author that inspired you to write and get your story into the world? Or was it more the self publishing trend that inspired you?

I’ve thought about this and I think it was the self publishing ‘trend’ I think having the ability to let readers decide if your books are worth reading appealed to me a lot. The thought of spending months writing something and sending it to publisher to be rejected fills me with absolute dread. I pressed publish and people read it, more people than I ever thought would, and most of them liked it. The feeling was, is, incredible.

Are your characters inspired by people in your life?

Not generally. Sadly, I don’t know a Doug or Sophie. One of my best friends helped inspire some of Miley’s qualities though. The always giving an honest answer, never judging. That is something I treasure in a best friend. Harry has a few qualities in him that a friend has, but generally no. My characters come to me, fully formed, I just have to unwrap all the layers to understand them.

If you were being sent to a desert island for a year what 5 things would you take?

I’d take my kindle (and it would have endless charge, okay?) I’d take my husband because he makes me laugh every single day. I’d take my laptop (again, endless charge) so I could write and have all my music with me. I’d take a scarf and I would take a pair of sunglasses.

Would you ever co-write a book? If so which author would complete your dream team? (Dead or alive)

I’m not sure how that even works? But if it was a complete dream team. It would either be Tiffany Reisz or Mia Sheridan. Both very different, but both equally amazing. Both artists with their words.

Do you give yourself deadlines? Or daily word counts?

No and No. That is the great thing about being a self published author, there is no one breathing down my neck, I write for however long I like and I publish when I’m ready. 

That being said, I know I put ridiculous amounts of pressure on myself to get books finished in a certain amount of time. And I get really stressed when I feel that isn’t happening. As I write more books, I recognise how the writing progress is for me. It goes great to start with, and I write so many different scenes and then I go and work out how the story starts and piece it all together.

Then I get to the wall. I hate the wall. When I reach the wall, I spend days sitting there getting no where. I get more frustrated as the days go by. I’ll stop writing, complain to my husband and best friends I just can’t do it and what I’m writing is awful. I keep going then it’s like a switch. Everything comes together and I’m off again. Then before I know it, the end is in sight.  ! They say recognising why you do something means you’re more likely to be able to stop it… Well, I’m writing now and I’m on book seven and nope. Still happens!

Who are your muses for your characters? (can we have some pics ;) ) 

I’ve been really open about this. I think readers like to know who the author pictures when they write. I know some authors say, they want the reader to picture who they want, but I think, the reader will picture whoever they want to, regardless of who I pictured when I wrote it.  ! I have muses and photos for everyone and everything. Literally. If you asked me now, what does this like? I’d have a photo, it’s just how I work.

I have muses for all my characters, parents, friends, everyone. But, my muses for the main characters in Doubt, Assured and Broken are; 

Doug - Bernardo Velasco

Sophie - Jessica De Gouw

Miley - Evangeline Lilly

Jonathan - Xavier Samuel

Harry - Richard Madden 

Lauren - Alexandra Daddario

Do you have a go to artist/band that seems to appear in many of your book playlists?

Yes! You’ll find a lot of Bruno Mars, Tom Odell, Ben Howard, Jimi Hendrix, Ed Sheeran, Ray LaMontagne, The Civil Wars, Sam Smith, a lot of classical music in my playlists. I could go on….  I listen to a lot of very different music when I write.
Music has the ability to put me in to the place I need to be. It’s amazing.

Have you got any new series in the works?

Right now, I’m writing three books. All at once, it makes my head feel like it might explode. But it feels even worse if I don’t get out what I have in my head. Two of those books are part of the Connected Series and one isn’t.

The other is actually a stand alone. And I’m absolutely loving getting inside new characters heads, learning their story and creating their world. I’m not sure what else will be in store for me, but right now, I think I have enough, don’t you? 

Do you tend to plan out the plot before you start writing? Or do you just see where the characters take you? 

I let my characters show me where we go. But I usually always know, before I sit down to write, where they end up. I just don’t know how they get there.

eBook or paperback?

eBook for reading day to day, but I have a HUGE collection of paperbacks, most signed or my absolute favourites that will never be read, but because I love them that much, because they live in my heart, I need the paperback too. 

Doug’s Interview

What is your favourite dessert in the entire world? (for those that need some teasing ;) )

*Harry buts in before Doug can get a word in* Dude, if you start mentioning strawberries and my sister, I will kick kick you in the bollocks.

Calm down, I know what you’re thinking, strawberries and chocolate mousse. And it is a favourite, but not my absolute favourite. My absolute favourite is pavlova. I have a sweet tooth, so what is better than a meringue, topped with whipped cream and strawberries? Happy, Harry? See, strawberries are still in there, didn’t let you down, did I Lily? ;)

What is your idea of a perfect weekend?

My idea of a perfect weekend would be waking up with Sophie late. She would still be warm and soft with sleep, so I could make love to her in our little nest. Then we’d have a lazy breakfast outside on the decking. Anything that little Abs would like to do is okay with me, but as it’s my idea, I’m going to say, we go to the zoo and I watch her get all excited and silly over the penguins like she does every time. Then we’d snuggle together on the sofa and watch a film, probably Enchanted as that is all that seems to be on lately. We’d scoff chocolate fingers and ice cream. The Sunday, we would see Jonny and Miley, go to the park, play around and then come back for a huge roast dinner. That. That is my perfect weekend. What is yours?

What is the one thing that you will NEVER do whilst naked?

One thing I will never do naked is make a presentation at work. Now, I’ve been known to make a presentation at home naked, but that wasn’t what you asked, was it? ;) (I really like these little winking smileys.)

What was it like meeting Sophie’s parents and Harry for the first time? Were you nervous?

Meeting Elizabeth and Richard wasn’t scary actually, Mainly because I’d met them before. We met at Miley’s birthday party where I also first met Sophie. So I knew of them and they kind of knew of me. But is meeting the parents ever comfortable? You get taken home and introduced and even though no one actually ever says it, it’s like the daughter or son saying, “Mum, dad, this is the guy/girl I’m having sex with.” It’s always a little awkward. I’m going off on one aren’t I? No it was okay.

Meeting Harry was a little different, he didn’t like me at first I don’t think. I think mainly for the reason I just said, I was the guy having sleeping with his sister, and the idea of that, for some reason, grosses him out? I have no idea why, his sister is gorgeous.

*Harry interrupts*  Doug, the reason I didn’t like you was not because you were sleeping with my sister. The reason I didn’t like you is because you turned up driving your Bentley and looking all model like and shit as you got out of your car with your jeans and t-shirt and sunglasses. Your hair all fucking perfect! I had a girl round and she was drooling all over the floor.

Okay, so I was wrong, it wasn’t the sex thing. It was because of my model !
looks and car.

*Harry calls over*  I still think you’re an ugly bastard though!

Sorry, does that answer your question?

What was your first thoughts when you met Sophie?

My first thought when I met Sophie. She made a great bunny girl. I’m not going to elaborate on that, I think you’ll find out why she was a bunny girl in Jonny’s book. I’d seen her before though, the night Miley met Jonny. But every time I see her, I still feel the same. Turned on beyond belief. She is so incredibly gorgeous and I can’t be near her without thinking of all the things I want to do to her when we are alone.

Thank you for the questions, Lily. Anytime ;) - Doug

Sophie’s Interview

What keeps you stay sane being around the two alphas that are Harry and Doug?

Miley. Miley helps me stay sane. And wine. Lots of wine. It’s not just Harry and Doug. It’s Jonathan too. He is the least alpha out of the three of them, but he has his moments. And boys like competition don’t they? So any time they can compare, they compare. Times like that, wine and Miley are a necessity.

If you could go anywhere in the world and experience anything where would you be and what would you be doing?

I would be in the Maldives and I’d be with Doug. The last time we were there was incredible, and I just don’t feel like it was long enough. So I’d be there and with him. *groans* Sorry, is that a really boring answer?

What’s your most prized possession?

My most prized possession is my wedding ring. For what it represents, for who gave it to me, for the memories it holds. That, is my most prized possession. God, I’m so fucking boring!

What was your first impression of Doug? How did Miley describe him to you?

Miley actually didn’t need to describe him to me. I’d seen Doug the night she met Jonathan. We didn’t talk or meet again until Miley’s birthday party at Coopers though. My first impression was he was incredibly gorgeous. Those eyes, they look right into your soul and they make you think of all sorts of naughty, sexy things. I remember he asked me to go to dinner with him and I didn’t even have to think about it. I mean, you’ve seen him, would you have to think about it?

Chocolate or strawberries?

Chocolate on my own. Strawberries with Doug. ;)

Thank you Lily! Can we do another when Miley is around pleeeeease? The answers won’t be as boring then! <3 Sophie x

Harry’s Interview

Was travelling always something you wanted to do? And was Australia always the dream destination?

Yes, I always wanted to travel. See the world, meet and taste as many gorgeous woman I could. Every guy wants that, right? Australia was always top of my list, the sun, the half naked women, not to mention the fucking accent. Yes. Australia was always somewhere I was going to be going.

Describe your perfect lady

Blonde, about 5’5 and green eyes. ;)

What was your boyhood dream?

My boyhood dream? Honestly? To have a lot of sex and to loose my virginity by the time I was 16.

*Sophie gasps and yells over* Harry! You can’t say that!

Well, I just did. *grinning*

Sophie: It’s disgusting and so wrong.

Never mind, little sister. Next question please!

What is your perfect lazy Sunday

My perfect lazy Sunday is laying in till eleven, being woken up by a blow job and then getting a bacon sandwich made for me. Then a roast and a good film.

Sophie: Harry! Stop it! You’re going to give people the wrong impression. 

People? What people?

Sophie: Doug, stop him, please?

Doug: Babe, no one can stop him. He is a law unto himself. Relax. They will all know soon enough what he is like.

Are you scared they will like me better than you, Roberts? Because you know they will.

If you could have any job in the world what would you do and why?

I would give lessons to men on how to make their women come and teach them, the lady should always come first. Always. And teach them what faking it looks like. It’s a serious problem, the amount of women who don’t come and the guys have no idea they are faking it. But just wait, when they feel their cocks being gripped while their girlfriend, wife, whatever comes around them, they’ll make the effort every time.

Sophie: I can’t un-hear that!

No you can’t, and I can’t un-hear and un-see all the shit I have so…. 

Thank you Lily for the fabulous questions. Same time next month before my BIG revealing? ;)

About the Author

KA Hobbs lives with her husband in Essex. When she isn’t lost in a book or creating one, she loves to cook, swim and shop. Her happiest times are always when she is surrounded by family and friends. She is a little obsessed with the Tudors and would love to go back to that period in time. 
One day, while watching TV, a scene came to her, completely out of the blue. She could see the scene unfolding, could picture the characters so clearly. She couldn't get to her laptop quick enough and spent hours writing not only that scene, but lots of others too. She will happily admit to being grumpy when she doesn’t get to write, she loves her characters and spending time listening to what they have to say. KA Hobbs is currently working on other books in The Connected Series. Keep up to date with new releases from the connection series on Facebook and Twitter. 

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