Monday, 9 March 2015

Trying to Find Home by T.A. Mckay COVER REVEAL!

Trying To Find Home
T.a. McKay
Cover designer: Kari at K23 Photography and Design

Olivia Gray had the perfect childhood. She wanted for nothing, and was spoilt with the love of both her adoring parents. Well that’s the story she wished she could tell everyone, but it’s not how her life went. Life had never been that kind to her.
After raising herself from a young age she decided to give back and became a volunteer nurse in war torn countries.
Now due to a clerical error, she is being forced to return home, but will it be everything she remembers? Will she be welcomed with open arms by the people who are meant to love her, or will she be left on her own like before?
Braxton Heywood made a name for himself without any help from anyone. He owns his dream company, showing that even with the worst upbringing you can make something of your life.
No matter what life throws at him, he tries to see the best in people even when they don’t deserve his time. This is the reason he has acquired two new lodgers, but is that where it will end?
When life gives you lemons, you are meant to make lemonade, but for Olivia she doesn’t have anywhere to make it. With nothing to her name and a mother who only thinks of herself, she finds herself in the care of Braxton. But will he see her for who she really is, or just a freeloader like her mother?
Friendships will develop and loyalties will be tested before the truth is seen, but will it be too late for everyone involved?
Will Braxton finally see that some people will never change, proving he needs to leave them in the past?
Will Olivia get everything she is looking for, giving her the life she has wanted since she was a young girl?
Will she be able to give up her quest of Trying To Find Home?

About the Author

I live in Scotland with my husband and three amazing children. I live in a very small village in the country so writing makes it easier to have friends, even if they are in my head.
I have always been a huge reader but it wasn't until 2013 that I was...lets say write my first book. I published on my birthday in 2014 and have been on a crazy roller coaster ever since.
My favourite things to read about are tattooed alphas...and if they have a dirty mouth its all the better!
I have met so many awesome people on this journey and I never imaged talking to some of my favourite authors, never mind calling some of them my friend.
If you ever go to a signing and there is a Scottish redhead fangirling in the corner....well thats probably me!

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