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Destined by KA Hobbs RELEASE DAY BLITZ!

(Book five in the Connected series)
KA Hobbs


Do you believe in soul mates? That there is one person out there who you’re supposed to meet and fall in love with? One person who completes you? My name is Miley and I do because I found mine. I’ve never been the kind of girl who needed a man to feel complete, until I met Jonathan. Now I can’t bear to spend a night away from him. Let me tell you our story - the most beautiful love story even if I do say so myself. You’ll fall head over heels for my man, I know you will. Come and meet Mr Cooper.

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All The Connected Series couples are amazing in their own unique ways so Jonathan and Miley had some HUGE expectations to live up to, and they surpassed every single one, they are incredibly strong and their love just leaps off the pages at you. Their story isn't easy... It's utterly heartbreaking in places and laugh out loud funny in others, it'll have you on one hell of an emotional roller coaster as that's what their journey is... Emotional.

What you see of Jonathan and Miley in the previous books really is just a snippet of how amazingly perfect for each other they really are! They have the most profound love, when she needs strength she draws it from him and vice versa, they are the epitome of soul mates and it shows in every page of Destined. Jonathan is so romantic and he truly worships Miley, she is his whole world and he not only tells her at every opportunity he shows her too, talk about swoon worthy! One of the things I love the most about Miley is that she doesn't take Jonathan for granted, she shows him how much she appreciates him at every turn. Their relationship is filled with the best banter and I was crying with laughter more than once... Duckies is all I'm gonna say! ;)

The thing I love the most about The Connected Series is that even though all the couples are extraordinary they are all unique... The thing I have noticed about the guys is that even though they share some similarities they have one overwhelming quality that makes them them. I'm SO glad that Jonathan and Miley got their time in the spotlight... Their story needed to be told, I have a new found appreciation for the couple you meet in Doubt now I know all their troubles, triumphs and hardships. Thank you for another amazing couple and another mind blowing book KA Hobbs!  


“Good morning.” I almost growl, my voice a little husky from sleep.
 “Good morning, beautiful. Did you sleep well?” he asks, running his thumb over my jaw. 
 “Really, really well.” I smile. 
 “Have I told you that your husky morning voice turns me on?” he half smiles at me and leans in for a kiss. I quickly back away and put my hand on his chest to keep him down.
 “No kisses, I need to brush my teeth.” I cover my mouth as I speak. 
 “I don’t want to wait that long.” he growls and pulls me back to him kissing me thoroughly.
 “Jonathan! That is gross! No kisses before I brush my teeth. Rule number one.” 
 “You taste just fine to me.” he laughs. 
  I hate to admit it, but he tastes just fine too, maybe more than fine. Okay, maybe he tastes bloody delicious. Before I decide to taste him again, I climb off the bed and slip on my robe. I hear a thud behind me and turn to see Jonathan shooting out of bed so fast he makes me jump.
 “What are you doing?” he scowls at me. 
 “What? I’m going to make coffee?” 
 “What is this?” he tugs at the belt on my dressing down and it falls open. 
 “My dressing gown? I’m cold and I need coffee. What is wrong with you?” I laugh taking the belt in my hands again to tie it back up. 
 “No, no, no, NO! No dressing gowns.” he tells me shaking his head. 
 “I’m not making coffee naked, Jonathan.” 
 “Can you at least wear my t-shirt? Please? Not this awful monstrosity.” he tugs at my belt and manages to disrobe me. 
 “What’s wrong with my dressing gown?”
 “Miley, it has rubber ducks on it.” 
 “And your point is?” I bend and scoop up his t-shirt and slip it on. His eyes darken instantly, it isn’t long on me at all and he can see everything.
 “Rubber ducks do nothing for my erection.” 
 “Well, maybe that’s a good thing seeing as I don’t have time for that this morning.” I call over my shoulder as I walk out of my bedroom and to the kitchen. 
 “I can build it into my schedule, don’t you worry about that.” he calls after me. 
  I’m busy making the coffee when I feel a warm hand slide up my thigh. I’m pushed forward against the counter and a warm wall of naked Jonathan is pressed to my back. I look up at the clock in my kitchen. Six forty-five. Okay, maybe I have a little time.

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About the Author

KA Hobbs lives with her husband in Essex. When she isn’t lost in a book or creating one, she loves to cook, swim and shop. Her happiest times are always when she is surrounded by family and friends. She is a little obsessed with the Tudors and would love to go back to that period in time. 
One day, while watching TV, a scene came to her, completely out of the blue. She could see the scene unfolding, could picture the characters so clearly. She couldn't get to her laptop quick enough and spent hours writing not only that scene, but lots of others too. She will happily admit to being grumpy when she doesn’t get to write, she loves her characters and spending time listening to what they have to say. KA Hobbs is currently working on other books in The Connected Series. Keep up to date with new releases from the connection series on Facebook and Twitter.

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