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Julian by Kat T Masen COVER REVEAL!!!

Julian by Kat T Masen


TITLE: Julian (a Dark Angel series companion)
AUTHOR:Kat T. Masen
RELEASE DAY: December 13, 2014


I hear his words echo in my head.
The voice telling me to leave her alone.
The threat to end my life should I dare go near her.
I wanted to conquer this battle; all I had to do was turn around and head back home. 
Home. Not to my dealer.
Weak. Pathetic. Worthless. The words scream at me.
I am a coward.

Julian Baker had it all. Stunning good looks, wealth, intelligence, and the girl. To everyone around him, he was Mr. Perfect. 

Fate was never on his side as he loses the girl and much like a domino effect, his life starts to spiral out of control. Behind the mask lies a broken man, taunted by his tragic past. In a bid to forget, he finds himself desperately trying to hold on to someone who is equally unattainable, Charlotte Edwards.

In a last attempt to save himself, Julian reaches out for help and finds it in a sea of lost souls, all in the same boat, trying so hard to stay afloat in this cruel and tormented game called life. The universe has other plans when someone completely unexpected walks into his life and an unlikely friendship is formed.

Will Julian find his piece of happiness or succumb to his old ways, falling in love with a woman who belongs to someone else at the wrath of his archenemy?


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