Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Recovered Love by Chrissy Snyder RELEASE DAY BLITZ!

Recovered Love
Author:   Chrissy Snyder
Cover Design: Clarise Tan - CT Cover Creations 

She stole his breath. She stole his heart.

When she is stolen from him, he will stop at nothing to recover his love.
Reid King has lived most of his adolescence bound in vines and thorns, cutting him deep.  Scared that no one will accept the secret he holds locked tight, he flees, running from everything he’s ever known.
Family is the thickest when it comes to reasons for return, no matter what you will have to fight when you get there.
Sometimes even the darkest paths can lead to a beam of light, one that will forever remain...
Savannah Peters defines vanilla. She’s always been ordinary, innocent, and a shadow behind her parents, never given room to spread her wings and fly, but sometimes all it takes is the right instructor and a beautiful bird can soar among the sky.
She’s smitten from day one by the sexy and mysterious blue-eyed blonde that has taken an interest in her.
Things start to heat and she suddenly experiences things that she never has before, but as quickly as it starts it is extinguished it at the source, sending her into a living Hell.
Will Reid again face demons bigger than himself to experience true love, or will he sit back and drown in the secrets that still devour him?
In order to bury the past, you must recover love.

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Reid king is a bit of a player with zero intentions of settling down any time soon, he's been hurt in the past and he's never giving another woman the chance to do it again...Then suddenly he meets Savannah. Game over, player is down! the chemistry is instant and its as intoxicating as the male lead! There is a HEA but trust me...those two have to work for it! This book definitely grabbed my attention early...and it wasn't just down to the enigmatic Reid! Ms Snyder grabs your attention and slowly builds the tension and pressure until you physically cant put the book down! This story essentially had everything! sexual tension, innocence, a little angst and a bit of a mystery. Savannah was a very sweet character but there was something about her that I just couldn't seem to click with? even now, I cant particularly put my finger on why? Not that I let that ruin the story for me! I'm head over heels with Reid and cannot wait to get my hands on the next Snyder master piece! 4 stars!

 Chrissy Snyder

Chrissy Snyder writes New Adult Erotic Romance.  She loves tattooed bad boys and misunderstood women with happy ever afters.  She divides her time between writing and reading when not loving on her very jealous furbaby, Mylo. If she isn’t writing about heartache or second chances, then she is managing her busy household with her very supportive hubby and two teens. She dreams of travelling to Europe, Costa Rica and Hawaii.

Tsu:  @ChrissySnyder

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