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Porter Hale INTERVIEW!! (Porter by David Michael)

Today we have an EXCLUSIVE interview with the one and only Porter Hale for you guys!

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We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Porter Hale aka Ryder Ruff!! Check out what he had to say when HD2B got the chance to pick his brains ;)

Some scenarios are so overdone... What is your least favourite porn movie scenario?

Oh, this one’s easy. The teacher/student thing. Not only have I been forced to do it a hundred times, but it tries to normalize the idea that it’s okay for students to sleep with their teachers or that it’s okay for teachers to try to sleep with their students. I like to think of it as my social responsibility to only portray those scenarios that promote healthy sexual adventures.

It must've been a shock when you realized what your Fathers job entailed... When did you realize what your Dad done for a living? How old were you?

We always knew what he did. From the time we were kids we knew that he made movies that only adults were allowed to watch. I think I was nine when I stole my first porn magazine and the pieces began to fall into place. I started asking questions, but it wasn’t until I was thirteen and my mom walked in on me rubbing one out that they sat me down and gave me “the talk.”

Everyone has a favourite piece of equipment... What is your favourite toy on and off set?

Well, my favorite piece of equipment is my dick. It’s really a common misconception that dogs are man’s best friend. But I have a feeling you want me to talk about actual toys. Butt plugs on set. When you’re having sex with a woman who’s been nailed by dozens, if not hundreds, of other dudes, things tend to get a little… Loose. A good sized butt plug puts just enough pressure on the vaginal wall to “tighten” things back up a bit. Off set? Holly’s dominatrix get-up drives me wild. Thigh-high leather stiletto boots, a whale bone black leather corset, and, my favorite part, she gets to tell me exactly what she wants.

You are very keen to get into Hollywood acting... What would be your ideal movie role?

Action, baby! Daniel Craig is a bit of a role model for me. And what dude doesn’t dream of being James Bond some day?

When you put your mind to it you can easily make women everywhere swoon, how could they repay the favour... What's your idea of a perfect date night?

Ooh, that’s a tough one. I guess I never really thought about what a perfect date for me would be like. It’s always been about the perfect date for her. If my date’s happy, I’m happy. But I guess, if I could pick where we went, I’d say a night in with the Xbox, a case of beer, and Chinese food. It’s my favorite thing to do with my brothers, so I imagine it would be my favorite thing to do with my lover as well. I have a feeling the night would end a little differently than it does with my brothers though…

Like with all jobs you must have good and bad days... What was your worst day in the adult movie industry?

Definitely my first day on set. I was so nervous that I had a hard time getting it up. No amount of fluffers or foreplay could get the little guy to pay attention. The director pulled me aside, grabbed my dick, and screamed at me while he jerked it, trying to get me hard. I ended up throwing up in the bathroom then getting pissed at myself. That anger got my blood pumping and I was finally ready to go. I got back on set and rage fucked my co-star. I was so in the zone that I forgot to pull out so they didn’t get the money shot. They ended up bringing in a stunt cock to finish the scene. It was awful.

You must have had many LOL moments on set... Which one is the most memorable?

Oh, God… Back in my younger days when I was in mostly low budget films, the sets weren’t always made of the sturdiest materials. I’ve had a lot of sex on cheap Ikea furniture. There’s nothing quite like banging a woman on a dining room table and having the damn thing snap in half under the pressure. Needless to say, when I go shopping for furniture, I climb on top of it before committing to anything. 

You have probably seen every single type of lingerie known to man!... Leather or Lace?

Leather, baby! There’s something about a woman in leather that boosts her confidence levels and lowers her inhibitions. Lace says “coy” to me and I don’t do coy.

You have a VERY impressive resume... Think we can take a peek?

There’s not enough time in the day for that. I’ll have my people call your people and we’ll see if we can get one emailed over. Haha! It’s quite the list. 

You love luxury things so if you were to be left on a desert island what 5 things would you NEED to have with you?

Holly, my Xbox, my TV, my Rover, and an endless supply of wine. We could totally live out the rest of our lives with just those things.

You must have had some crazy busy days on set... How many women have you fucked in one day on set?

I think my record was 12. Luckily, a few of those were ménage scenes so I only had to actually get off eight times. That was the longest twelve hours of my life and by the time it was over, I was a little worried that my cock wouldn’t work ever again.

You openly admit that you wouldn't want to do any Man on Man films... Is that a firm no? Or would you be persuaded? How much money would it take to get a little Ryder Ruff Man on Man action or a threesome including another guy?

I’ve done the threesome thing a few times, but we were always focused on the chick in the middle. I mean, you kiss the dude because it looks good on camera, but the closest I’ve ever come to having sex with a dude is bumping uglies during some DP action.

You seemed to have your sights set on Holly from the moment you saw her... What exactly was it that drove that kind of intense desire in you to pursue her?

Honestly, I don’t know. I told myself at first that it was because she held the key to my escape from the porn industry. Looking back on it now, I know that was a load of bullshit. There’s just something about her that speaks directly to the deepest parts of me. She carries herself with confidence and just exudes power and sensuality. She’s pure woman and takes no prisoners.

Your resume is impressive in musical theatre. What was your favourite role?

Oh, hell. I should’ve known that was coming! Honestly, it was my role as Angel from Rent. The role is a Male-to-Female transgender woman with AIDS. It was super physical as far as choreography goes and I seriously thought I was going to die a few times. Do you have any idea how hard it is to dance and sing at the same time? In heels?! Mad props to women who can even walk in those damn things.

Your relationship with your brothers can be somewhat...tempestuous? Do you think that that is predominantly due to the fact that you all work in the same industry?

Nah. I think all of our issues are just normal sibling shit compounded by the fact that our home life wasn’t really spectacular as kids. We’re all very different men who, without family ties, probably wouldn’t ever be found in the same room together. It makes sense that things get a little rocky between us, but we’re still brothers and we’d go to hell and back for each other.

Your mother and fathers relationship...do you believe that his job was the catalyst to their well documented issues? Or more your fathers extra curricular activities?

Honestly, I’d say it was a combination of the two made worse by the amount of time he had to spend away from home. It was the perfect breeding grounds for suspicion and contempt. All in all, I’d say my mom handled it pretty well. A lesser woman would’ve either left him or killed him.

What was your favourite memory growing up and why?

My mom used to sneak us out for mini-vacations while Dad was gone. We spent a lot of time at Disneyland, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld. So much time, actually, that I sort of came to resent it. My favorite days were the days that we just spent the afternoon on the beach building sand castles, playing football, and collecting seashells for my mom’s wind chimes. She has hundreds of them on her back deck that she’s built herself.

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