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Ten Below Zero by Whitney Barbetti! SPOILER FREE REVIEW!!!

Ten Below Zero by Whitney Barbetti! SPOILER FREE REVIEW!!!

WARNING: This is not a story about two happy people who fall easily into love. This is a story about two broken people who find one another - and don't necessarily like each other. These characters are blunt, rude, and at times annoying. They are broken and sheltered and vulnerable. 

This book has violence, sexual situations, and harsh language and is not recommended for those under 17. 


“In here,” he said, pushing on the skin above my heart, “you're ten below zero. And you’re closer to death than I am.” 

My name is Parker. My body is marked with scars from an attack I don’t remember. I don’t want to remember. I choose to live my life by observation, not through experience. While people are laughing and kissing and connecting, I’m in the corner. Watching them live. I’m indifferent to everything, everyone. The only emotion I feel with any kind of depth is annoyance, and I feel it often. 

A text message sent to the wrong number proves to be my undoing. 

His name is Everett, but I call him rude. He’s pushy, he’s arrogant, he crowds my personal space, and worst of all: he makes me feel. 

He chooses to wear all black, all the time, as if he’s waiting to attend a funeral. Probably because he is. 

Everett is dying. And he’s spending his final days living, truly living. In doing so, he’s forcing me to feel, to heal. To come face to face with the demons I suppressed in my memory. 

He hurts me, he fulfills me, he completes me. And still, he's dying.

My Review

So my sister demanded I read this and I wasn't sure what to expect as she didn't give me any hints about the book at all so I had no idea what to expect! I'm not gonna lie and say I loved every word or even every page because I didn't... I didn't really like Parker until she started to feel it isn't because she isn't a brilliantly formed character because she is, it's because I wouldn't have tolerated her if she was real. But when her true personality starts coming through I think she is one of the strongest women characters I have come across and after that initial dislike I found myself really liking her! And Everett.... He is just awesome! He isn't your normal book bf and I think that's the appeal! I love that he is honest to a brutal point and I love his take no BS attitude! The story was amazing and I can honestly say that I did not see any of that coming! For me it wasn't predictable or unbelievable which are my two main things with books. I like it when they are unpredictable and believable, I don't like reading and thinking yeah that could never happen in real life (unless it is paranormal) So yeah by the end I loved both characters and thought the story was mind blowing! Its a very emotional story and whilst I rarely cry and haven't ever cried reading I very nearly did reading this! Whitney really did a fantastic job with this and I am so so glad she shared this with the world! Thank you Whitney!!!

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